Images from the birthplace of our wines

On this page you will find some past and present images, chosen to illustrate our activity, location and panoramic views. These places are the cornerstone of our wines and give us our passion and commitment as winegrowers.

home_wine_bg_slider_1_sep The Vineyard home_wine_bg_slider_1_sep

Our vineyard and its views.

Snowed Vineyard

The Vineyards



home_wine_bg_slider_1_sep Grapes home_wine_bg_slider_1_sep

Images of the real protagonist of our work

home_wine_bg_slider_1_sep Our History home_wine_bg_slider_1_sep

Photos from the Local History

Salussola S. Secondo

Ca' Bianca in the early 1900

Tower of St. Lawrence

home_wine_bg_slider_1_sep The Cellar home_wine_bg_slider_1_sep

Images from our cellar

Ancient metal barrels

Our historic cellar

Concrete barrels